IPA The Welders Dog


Super clean, well-rounded and a huge hit of Aussie grown hops, this one is best with mates.


India Pale Ales have garnered a great reputation among Australians in the last few years. The Welder’s Dog’s take on the traditional IPA shines among some of the greatest IPAs with its distinct hoppy flavour and unique balance of fruitiness and bitterness.

Alc by vol.
Year Round
Bar: Draught/355ml
In store: Draught/355ml
Online: Draught/355ml

Unmistakeable, our IPA is pure taste

What makes our IPA is purely its simplicity.

This beer celebrates the best of Australia in a single can by doubling-down on the important things.

Featuring a super clean, well-rounded malt and a huge hit of Australian flavoured hops.

Think about it… It’s kind of hard to beat!

Drink me with: Your mates and a bucket of hot wings

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