Our brews

Pea Blossom Lemonade

Gently soured with our house culture for a vibrant acidity then fermented with brewers yeast, our hard lemonade is an easy drinking thirst quencher that is completely unique in the market. Steeped in Pea Blossom flower post fermentation, it has an unmistakable purple hue and a dry finish that keeps you going back for more.


Our IPA was designed to bring together the best possible ingredients to create a core range IPA that clearly spoke to providence, quality and drinkability. Single-origin local barley malted at Voyager Craft Malt provides a super clean and dry malt backbone, whilst a combination of new world Australian and American hops bring huge tropical mango and papaya flavours and aromas.

Farmhouse Ginger Beer

Whilst seeking to recreate the original ginger beer’s of colonial Jamaica, we stumbled upon our recipe for our farmhouse ginger beer – named so because it’s exactly how the workers would have made it in the cane fields centuries ago. It has a gentle tartness and undergoes a clean natural fermentation to highlight the fresh Australian ginger that goes in to the tune of 100KG per batch. No flavours, no colours, no concentrates, just 100% Australian fresh ginger.

Wheat Ale

This Australian Wheat Ale is a culmination of purely Australian ingredients – we are big on that. Local barley and wheat meet all Aussie hops in a hazy straw coloured ale that has light flavours of honey and grain with plenty of hoppy citrus and stone fruit to back it up. Easy drinking, sessionable, whatever you want to call it, our Wheat Ale is your one stop shop for an every day drinker!